SANCHIS & PARTNERS is a referral legal firm on International Business Law, which accompanies local and foreign enterprises on its daily life, their internationalization processes and/or establishment in Spain and on their relations with their commercial partners, third parties, and/or clients in Spain or abroad.


In SANCHIS & PARTNERS we advocate the ongoing training of our professionals, promoting its participation in diverse forum, seminars and courses in both national and international level. Thus, in SANCHIS & PARTNERS we are able to offer our clients the highest standards of quality in the conduct of their affairs.


Clients are our top priority. In SANCHIS & PARTNERS we are always by the side of our clients along all their business activity. Our solid legal practice, our geographical scope and our company knowledge provide us a detailed and global perspective of the problematic that affects our clients, and enable us to provide them an overall legal assessment, highly qualified and absolutely personalized to avoid them any concern and let them dedicate all their time and efforts in growing their business.

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SANCHIS & PARTNERS is a law firm committed to practice legal profession for the common welfare and the social interest. In our firm, we encourage volunteering assignments and our lawyers dedicate part of their time to advise for free some associations, foundations, NGOs and other social collectives.

Furthermore, along each year, SANCHIS & PARTNERS collaborates with spanish and foreign universities, giving conferences and offering work placements to students to foster their theoretic-practical apprenticeship of law in the different areas of practice of our firm.

Likewise, our firm collaborates and participates on diverse events, whose primary objective is to empower, through the legal training to future lawyers, the knowledge and employ of legal texts, as well as the use of the international commercial arbitration as a way of solving conflicts on international commercial contracting.


Each one of the professionals in SANCHIS & PARTNERS:

  1. a) Are obligated to the strict accomplishment of deontology rules, which, adopted by their respective Councils and Colleges, regulate the professional practice.
  2. b) Assume and recognize as theirs, by their freely consented acceptance, the values and principles laid down in the Deontological Code.

The constellation of these rules, values and principles, constitutes the ethic model of behavior which ought to inspire and govern, at any moment, the way of of acting of SANCHIS & PARTNER’s professionals.