Areas of action of tax services


Every transaction has tax implications, either a purchase, alienation, refinanciation, restructuration or public or private offering. Studying and planning them could reduce transactional risks, increase chances of success and provide business prospects that could be successful.

Our Advising Service in the field of transactional and tax law, may help you to carry out your transactions properly. We combine experience concerning international transactions and local knowledge in a wide range of sectoral branches, in order to help you in making decisions and in managing properly all legal and tax implications.

Our teams take a holistic approach in order to offer a coordinated view of the most significant multidisciplinary and jurisdictional fiscal issues.

General Taxation.

National and International Taxation.

Negotiation and instrumentation of deferrals.

Transferral Prices: Economic and functional analysis for determining the valuation of transactions.

Planning and restructuring of groups, both nationally and internationally.

Tax planning of foreign investment in Spain and, spanish investment abroad.

Displaced workers’ taxation.

Tax Committees: Advising and Collaboration with Executive Directorate of Corporate Groups and Family Companies in order to reach tax optimization of their transactions.

Permanent tax advice to national and international groups.

Mergers and acquisitions

Due diligence

Advising on corporate restructuring procedures.

Taxation of Banks and Insurance Companies.

Fiscal planning of corporate groups.

Taxation of Natural Person

Fiscal patrimonial planning

Taxation of senior executives

Taxation of professionals

International planning

Succession planning

Transferral Prices

Designing and Implementing “transferral prices policies”. Assistance and negotiation “agreed prior assessments” with Tax Administrations.

VAT and Indirect Taxes.

Advising and planning on indirect taxation

Assistance in case of inspection.

Advising in consolidated groups.

Authorized Economic Operator.

Sector-specific specialized advice in terms of recovery of VAT.

Tax accounting

The Business and Tax world is becoming more and more complex. The level of exigence has increased in what concerns to transparency and, the departments of administration are under stress to become more efficient.

In collaborating with them we are able to provide assistance in key areas as:

Tax accounting: calculating provisions of annual and periodic taxes, validating tax account, and implementing new kinds of accounting according to NIIF and local GAAP.

Taxation area: improving operational strategies and organizational design, controls and fiscal procedures, and the efficiency of data and systems.

Tax Risks: identifying and prioritizing key risks, as well as implementing controls to prevent and remedy them.

The scope and character of our services might vary depending on the needs along the “fiscal life cycle” of the planning, provision, compliance with tax obligations and work with tax authorities.

The qualification of our professionals, our methodologies and global tools, as well as our strong commitment with providing a quality service will help you in the compliance of tax obligations and data presentation, sustainable organizational strategies and effective protocols of managing risks, and thus help your business to reach its maximum potential.