Within this area, we offer our clients the services required to ensure that their human resources are fully managed, constantly informing them of all legislative developments that affect its enterprise and its workers.

Labour Hiring

Employment contracts in general and hiring of senior managers.

Processing before the INSS, TGSS and OTG, all labour management of the enterprise.

Processing of new staff, modifications and departing staff.

Processing of start up and close of businessmen.

Benefits processing (temporary disability, motherhood…)

Drafting and processing employment contracts,

Preparation of receipts for salary payments.

Generation of Social Insurance contribution slips

Confection of periodical declarations of deductions from IRPF.

Confection of annual withholding tax return.

Confection of certificates of remuneration and deductions to employees.

“Exclusivity”, “non-competition” and “non-disclosure” agreements.


Processing before Foreigners Department of the Provincial Civil government.

Advising on Human Resources.

Occupational risk prevention.

Collective bargaining and Labour Relations.

Collective Agreements

Collective bargaining Agreements.



“Company Reorganisations”

Labour and Social Security auditing (due diligence).

Layoffs, and restructuring.

Individual dismissals.

Collective dismissal, suspension or termination of contracts.

Confection of quittances (final payments) and letters of dismissal.

Bankruptcy proceedings

Changes to employment conditions on a collective basis

Administrative procedures

Assistance before the Labour Authorities.

Legal defense in sanctioning procedures.

Accidents at work.

Settlement of debts with the social security.

Representing clients before CMAC.