Nowadays, the significance of Competition Law onto the business world is indisputable. In SANCHIS & PARTNERS we are aware of the incidence of the Competition Law in our clients’ daily life, and, consequently, we want to offer them the best service and comprehensive advice. So, our firm, count on professionals highly trained in this field of law, and especially in:

Drafting of Vertical Contracts for Business Collaboration, such as franchise, distribution and agency contracts.

Drafting of license contracts and other contracts concerning industrial property rights such as technology transfer contracts.

Drafting of horizontal contracts for business cooperation, for instance, mergers and acquisitions and joint-venture contracts.

Everything about behaviors and competition restrictive agreements, such as price setting, market-sharing cartels and tying agreements.

Public and Private side of Competition Law.

When we are talking about Competition Law, a distinction should be made between its public side and its private side inasmuch as this part of law:

Sometimes, it results in a control by National Competition Market Commission in Spain, and by EU Directorate-General for Competition (public enforcement).

In other cases, it results in a control by Civil Courts in order to claim for the damages suffered by enterprises as a consequence of behaviors and competition restrictive agreements (private enforcement).

Hence, legal advice in Competition Law, should not only be focused in negotiating and drafting contracts or legal transactions, but should extended as well to litigation field. Thus, in SANCHIS & PARTNERS we also offer legal advice in the area of litigation concerning Competition Law, including its public side and private enforcement.