Since Polish incorporation into the European Union, which took place in 2004, its economy has become one of the most dynamic in all Europe, and has not been affected by the recession during the period of economic crisis, contrary to most of the countries around us. Poland is still one of the countries that benefit the most from the European structural funds, which opens to spanish enterprises a range of business and investment possibilities.

The aim of our “Polish Working Group” is to offer a comprehensive service to our Clients having interests on this area. We count among our staff with a Spanish Lawyer of Polish origin.

Relations between Spanish and Polish enterprises are each time more stables, so our “Polish Desk” offers advising services in both Spanish and Polish languages, to both Polish enterprises in Spain, and Spanish enterprises in Poland, especially on fields of Business Law, Labour Law and Tax Law.

Our Lawyers of SANCHIS & PARTNERS, establish working groups with the polish legal firm more adequate in each case, in order to offer a comprehensive advice, developed by the best professionals on each particular matter. They strengthen and support the work of the local legal firm, ensuring the understanding, by spanish clients, of all legal issues, and, they also ensure the appropriate integration between “local advising” and international aspects.