SANCHIS & PARTNERS provides multi-jurisdictional legal advice at the global level, relying on:

Our own Office in Italy (Rome).

Leading law firms placed on countries where our clients operate (Best Friends).

International Associations.

Groups of local legal professionals very specialized.

Our relations with international law firms (Best Friends) enable us to provide our services all over the world. In such a way, we put at the disposal of our clients, a deep knowledge of the business world and of local markets in each one of the aforementioned jurisdictions, providing them with integrated international teams. The firm also shares with those legal firms the same philosophy based on the quality of the service.

SANCHIS AND PARTNERS has established a strategic alliance with a law firm having its own offices in Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Düsseldorf, Franckfurt, Houston, London, L.A, Miami, Milan, Munich, New York, Orange County, Paris, Seoul, Silicon Valley y Washington DC.


SANCHIS & PARTNERS offers advice to its clients in issues concerning processes of internationalization, offering diverse legal/contractual solutions depending on the internationalization phase that is developing:

International purchase/sales contracts and/or distribution contracts when they are at an early stage.

Business agreements of collaboration, franchise, consortia, and any way of alliance that fits our clients’ needs.

Advising when constituting subsidiary companies and corporate Joint Ventures.

Assistance in the participation on structures of Project Finance, with negotiating, reviewing and drafting of the contracts: among others, of financing (with debt and/or capital), of guarantees, of engineering and construction, of supplying of materials and services, of maintenance, constitution of SPV (special purpose vehicle) agreements with public authorities, and following up the execution of operations.

Managing of additional needs: among others, more appropriate international charging and payment methods, financing of international operations-including publics in order to export-, international transport, and insurances.

Resolution of transnational legal disputes.

Advising to enterprises when searching for opportunities, preparation and presentation of proposals and executing projects derived from public auctions, granted through multilateral organisms such as, among others, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank.

We have a vast experience in internationalizing both products and services and we are aware of the peculiarities that affect this kind of processes, most significantly being, protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property – licenses of patents and trademarks and know how in general-, and regulatory and administrative aspects.

In SANCHIS & PARTNERS we guarantee that, in any kind of transactions, from an isolated international sale, to “landing processes” in foreign countries, we will provide a scrupulous knowledge of the legal framework, and risk analysis and management. Also we will put at the disposal of our clients the most efficient resources, as well as the collaboration with those foreign law firms having the quality requirements that our firm demands.

Concerning this kind of operations, we know that the main thing that our clients demand, is contractually guaranteeing their security within legal transactions, that is to say, their economic and commercial interests and preventing potential contingencies.

The Internationalization is becoming each time less a bet of adventuresses enterprises in times of plenty, and is becoming a business strategic decision, and an indispensable tool, that ought to be integrated within the long term strategic vision of the company. Its significance becomes evident at times like the present crisis, in which the presence in new markets helps in diversifying risks, in generating business opportunities in countries with better growing perspectives, and also helps to prepare enterprises in a better way, to the moment when the economy will recover. In fact, economical crisis has demonstrated that the enterprises that will come out stronger, are those ones who had dealt before, with their processes of internationalization.

In Spain there are significant enterprises that have demonstrated their capacity to adapt to these changes, in many sectors as, among others, banking, construction, insurance, technological, industrial, tourism and commercial. Is important to learn from the experience of those enterprises, in order to incorporate it to our enterprise.

There are numerous advantages of internationalization: since costs saving, to the creation of economies of scale, including intangible aspects that are sometimes forgotten, like apprenticeship or improvement of brand image, that imply an increase of competitiveness, that enables a better defense from the risks that appear in the national market and also enables to take advantage of the opportunities that come up at the international field.

Actions that ought to take place prior to the internationalization of the Enterprise

a) Identifying enterprises and local partners in order to celebrate possible partnership agreements, joint-ventures, strategic alliances or in order to acquire shares of international enterprises.

b) Searching and preselection of trade channels in the foreign country, that is to say, importers, exporters, agents, etc.

c) Searching information about soils, facilities or industrial buildings, and searching entities offering support when negotiating prices and conditions, as well as looking for information concerning incentives and grants to foreign investment on the different countries.

d) Getting in touch with professionals having experience and knowledge of the legislation of both home and host countries, concerning the following areas: legal, accounting, tax, customs and Real Estate.